Make a canary sing in 5 steps

In these Christmas parties they gave me a canary and I quickly began to look for how I can make my canary sing louder. The first thing I had to investigate was when the Canary Islands sing more, since a friend had told me that the behavior of these animals is not common to other birds. The good thing was that the age of my canary was young and I had a good chance of getting him to sing much louder than the rest.

In our encyclopedia of All Animals in the world, we are going to bring you several rabbits to make our canary sing louder and happier every day and morning of our lives. The morning air will be accompanied by the songs of our exotic pet that is not normal to see these days in our continent. With the advent of technology and routine changes, the most viewed pets are always dogs, cats and rural rabbits. But for those who have a canary we will be able to enhance the skills of this animal.

If they have a yellow canary it will be ideal, the fundamental thing will be that it is adapted to the environment where they live and feel happy. To highlight is that it is always recommended that the canary is accompanied by a female as it will stimulate it achieving more power at the time of the objective. These birds do not suffer loneliness like the famous animal parakeet that if this alone can get to go through very badly.

One of the fastest ways to encourage and achieve is to give a canary to sing is constant joy in a relaxation environment. Putting background music would be ideal and the results we will see will be very fast because the music will stimulate them a lot in the afternoons of the animal and ours.

The cage Where the Canarian birds live, it must be large and comfortable so that it can fly from side to side and not always be static in the same place and encourage the hidden sides of these animals.

The canaries when they stop singing may be in poor health. Birds hide their diseases so this may be the first and perhaps only sign that they do not feel well. If with the practices seen above it is not possible to sing, they should take it to a doctor and give a seed-free diet accompanied by special cookies and vitamins. The daily exercises inside your cage should be daily, if with the free diet and the exercises continues weak or skinny they will have to look for new alternatives.

In summary the elements that you will have to take into account will be a special food for canaries next to a wide and very clean cage. The food should always be fresh fruits and vegetables and the fundamental thing will be to have several music albums with songs from other canaries To achieve a stimulation.

To leave clean and draw some conclusions from the steps that we must follow so that the Canary sing much louder is first have a lot of patience. Remember that birds are not like dogs that can be trained and trained over time.

These are the most important points that we are going to highlight:

  • Remember that only the male sings
  • It is essential that the canary feels healthy
  • Put music to your bird.
  • You always have to be relaxed.
  • Talk to him, take care of him and sing to him so that he is happy in the place where he lives.

1. Give him a good diet

A canary that is not healthy will never sing. We must give him a good diet of seeds such as the black, hemp, rapeseed or oatmeal among others so you want to sing and be happy. This feeding should be fixed to a schedule, since there must be a feeding routine so that your canary knows exactly the moment in which he is going to eat.

Other meals that you can reward him to be even happier with are the fruit or the vegetables. And never forget to supply fresh water in their cage, since they should be able to drink whenever they want.

2. Make him live in a comfortable cage

A small or dirty cage will not give many reasons to sing to your canary. Buy a medium sized cage where you can move with some freedom, otherwise you will feel sad. In addition, you must clean the cage daily and avoid that in the room where they are very cold or very hot, as that could damage the health of our little friend.

3. Avoid ru>

Canaries hate noise. They like harmony, relaxation and silence to rest as much as they want. If you have the cage on a balcony next to a noisy road, next to the washing machine, next to the television or radio, your health will get worse and you will feel stress. They usually sleep almost half a day, about 12 hours, so you will have to get a perfect and quiet environment for them.

4. Play music from other canaries

With a good cage, a good diet and a quiet place we have covered all the health and happiness part of the canary. Now it's time to start "pushing" a little to sing. And how can we do it? Putting a music CD, but not from anyone, but from music sung by other canaries. It will be easier for you to recognize these sounds and imitate them, as they are common and you understand them as part of your natural language. You can also put other normal music CDs, help him whistle to catch the tone of the songs and reward him every time he sings.

5. Sing with him

When you put a CD or a song, if you sing at the same time next to the cage the canary it will take much less to learn that song. It may seem silly, but it will take much less work for our little bird to understand the songs if we sing them than if we put on the radio or a CD. They prefer live music.

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How to stimulate the song of the canary

If you observe that a canary sings little, do not worry, because in this article we will tell you some tips so that you can stimulate his singing.

As you know canaries They are very happy birds for their harmonious singing. In addition, they are an excellent company and very easy to maintain. However, although it is normal for a canary to spend the day singing, it may also happen that it is not as singing as usual. So, here are some methods to encourage you to sing.

Tips to stimulate the song of a canary

First of all, you should know that Only male canaries sing, because females only emit a beep. How to differentiate a male from a female? As a general rule, males usually have a more striking plumage and are larger and fatter. On the contrary, females have a thinner and smaller structure. So, you know, before worrying, check the sex of your canary.

To stimulate the song of a canary, first of all, you must make him feel in a Comfortable placeTo do this, you must provide a wide cage Where I can move. The place where you place the cageIt will also be important. Ideally, you have light and either warmWell, they can't stand the low temperatures.

Another important factor is the companyWell, they are very sociable birds. A good idea would be to have another canary next to you so that you can communicate, so both will be encouraged to sing.

The importance of music to stimulate the song of a canary

You can use music To stimulate his singing. It is also a good relaxation exercise for your canary. So, put some music on to listen to it, you will see how it will try to imitate the notes that sound.

It is important that your Canary Feels relaxed To achieve this, you can cover his cage with a sheet, so that he thinks it is night, and sound a slow song. In this way, although he will not sing, he will internalize the music.

And, as a last tip, talk to him, sing and whistle It is a good technique to connect with your little bird. Thus, you will be encouraged to repeat your sounds.